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Indonesia, The Archipelago

As the largest archipelago on earth, Indonesia is simply too massive, too sprawling and too overrun with wonders to sum up in a single paragraph.
You decide what it means to you.

I Am Story Told from Indonesia

A Story Told from Indonesia

Tabalong Ethnic Festival 2016

Festival Maulid Habsyi 2016

Parade Band Murakata 2016

The Road Less Travelled

Forget the ordinary guide book and pack your bag.
Take a journey in the world's largest archipelago and find the hidden charms inside. Indonesia offer so many unmanufactured destinations.

I Am Story Told with D5500

A Story Told with Nikon D5500

Muslim Travelers, A Never Ending Story

Little Muslim Traveler from South Borneo

Muslimah Backpacker, The Journey

The Secret Ingredients of Travel

Some people travel to see the difference, while others try to make a difference. Whatever the reason, the word "travel" is that so open-ended. Collect a whole new perspective, stories, and unearths the unseen.

The Brands, Made in Indonesia

The Brands, Made in Indonesia

Culture & Flower Parade, Surabaya

Rujak Uleg Festival, Surabaya

Calendar of Events, South Kalimantan