Penari Tari Bali Cilinai, Gelar Seni Budaya 2017

The Beauty of Bali Traditional Dance, Cilinaya

Created by I Wayan Dibia, one of the traditional Balinese dance maestros in 1986, the Cilinaya dance was originally created to be performed by Sekaa Gong Patra Kencana Singapadu, Gianyar, Bali.

The Cilicaya dance showcases the beauty of the Cili, a traditional decoration often seen on ritual offerings which provide abstract feminine motifs. Cili is also one of the typical ornaments in the clothing of the dancers. Cili is a long cloth with a pointed end with colorful motifs. Cili, which is part of the clothing of dancers, symbolizes joy and joy – the main message of this dance.

The Cilinaya dance features a group of beautiful girls who are gently slouching. This dance illustrates the joy of young girls. In contrast to many other dances that highlight the sharp eye delicacy, this dance is performed happily, full of smiles. This dance also highlighted the elegance of movement from the dancers.