Performing Arts Channels : Dance, Music, Theatre and more.

Folk Festivals

Folk festivals archive that celebrates traditional folk crafts and folk music, as well as folk dance.

World of Music

Music performing arts covered, from folk music, classical music, pop music , dance music, music video, rock music, fusion ethnic music, and more.

World Dance Day

‘Hari Tari Dunia’ is the local phrase of World Dance Day in Indonesia. Every year, World Dance Day is celebrated in different cities with their own style and “brand”. For example, “Solo Menari” is the celebration of World Dance Day in Solo/Surakarta, Central Java. In South Kalimantan, Hati Tari Dunia Kalimantan Selatan or HTD Kalsel […]

NIKON Storyteller

Every photographer is a storyteller. Every photographer tell us their tale. Every photographer also knew one thing for sure, a good camera could change your life.

The Theater

All about theatre performances, e.g. kids / children's theatre, performing arts theater, musical theatre, arts theatre, dramatic play, youth theatre, comedy theatre, and more.

Dance Studio

All about dance e.g. dance video, dance photo album, dance images, dance choreography, new dance creation, modern dance, contemporary dance, folk dance, classical dance and more.