Captured Images of Tourism Destination in Hulu Sungai Tengah

Mobile Ethnography, The Service Design of South Kalimantan’s Tourism

Mobile Ethnography of Tourism Service Design in South Kalimantan / Borneo

The main aim of tourism service producers is to develop and provide offers that satisfy customer’s need and expectations. To achieve this goal, toruism service providers need to understand their customers and know how they think, which is not unproblematic to find out, since service attributes cannot just be evaluated through questionnaires.

In term of service experiences, it is essential to capture the real customer experiences as they happen, in order to get the most natural responses. With the help of mobile ethnography it is now easier to gain a deeper insight into the customer’s behaviour.

The basic concept of mobile ethnography is that the customer becomes the researcher itself. The consumers download an application and can document the whole service journey by posting photos, videos, audio content and written feedback on the application.

Mobile ethnography offers many possibilities to collect real-time data when analysing service experiences. Furthermore, mobile ethnography generates more information, because the sample size is wider and also customers are more likely to respond. However, it has to be considered, that the usability of the applications needs to be proven in order for the research to bring the right results.

The projects is aimed to contribute to the debate on South Kalimantan as experienceā€centred places, to understanding how the experience is perceived by customer, to identifying the customer journey, to providing an insight into service experience consumption and to deriving managerial implication for the tourism industry of how to approach customer.