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OBAT KUAT, The Digital Ethnography Framework for Tourism

Ethnography Framework as Blueprint

Anyone can download a bunch of semi-random tweets or Instagram photos using a hashtag and cobble together a slideshow. What separates true, disciplined ethnography from random noise is the foundational framework we use to organize our study.

One of the challenges of digital ethnography is that while we have a strong historical record of what actors say, we don’t necessarily have non-verbal data, nor do we have acts and actions taken that our actors didn’t publish. To deliver powerful insights about the people, organizations, and cultures we’re studying with digital ethnography, we need a framework to ensure we don’t miss vital pieces of the narrative.

The ethnography framework is like the blueprint for the house. A few master carpenters with decades of experience could build a house entirely from memory, intuition, and experience. The vast majority of construction professionals still prefer a blueprint to ensure a successful outcome.

OBAT KUAT, The Digital Ethnography Framework

Digital ethnography is a relatively new field of study which promises, when done well, to deepen the relationship between communicators and their audiences by developing and understanding context.

Designed as digital ethnography framework that most appropriate to the goals and limitations of our tools and capabilities, OBAT KUAT enable us to organize and understand the audiences, competitors’ audiences, and the audience at large. Using OBAT KUAT, we seek to identify gaps between different audiences and where our efforts can fill those gaps.