Festival Japin Carita 2017, IAIN Antasari

Opera van South Borneo, The Ethnography of South Kalimantan’s Performing Arts

Opera van South Borneo, The Performance Ethnography

Currently, there are hundreds tourism art performances on stage across South Kalimantan. Tourism performing arts industry is part of cultural industry. Similar to the other industry, the cultural industry itself is another most prominent industry in human history.

Tourism art performances should considered an important destination attractor in many cities and scenic spots in South Borneo.
Therefore, research on tourism art performance is of significance both theoretically and practically in South Kalimantan.

Although some individual performances and arts studio do operate well in South Kalimantan, there is still a lack in the clarity and overall image of the majority of the tourism performances provided. Integrated planning, comprehensive management, and marketing initiative are badly needed. On the other hand, the cooperation between government and private sector needs to be discussed.

Therefore, the research question for this situation is : How shall we increase effective management innovation solutions for the tourism art performance market in order to promote South Kalimantan as an attractive tourism destination?