Photo Archive : Dayak Ma’anyan Wedding Ceremony, Tabalong

Gallery of moments (photos, pictures & images) captured by Dinas Kominfo Tabalong at Bagunung Perak, a Dayak Ma’anyan wedding ceremony.

Bagunung Perak itself is one of the attraction of Tabalong Ethnic Festival 2018, the annual event in South Kalimantan / Borneo. According Warukin Village Chief, Dedy Unjang, Bagunung Perak Indigenous Marriage Ritual cannot be carried out by anyone. anThe wedding ceremony is only for the descendants of respectable people. If not, a descendant who has the right and insists on carrying out this ritual, the bride and groom can get into a disaster.

Event :
Dayak Ma’anyan Wedding Ceremony (Ritual Perkawinan Adat Bagunung Perak warga Dayak Ma’anyan)

Venue :
Warukin Village, Tanta
South Kalimantan / Borneo

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